Collecting parts, doing research.

There’s not a lot of information out there on any ATK and for the earlier (Horst Leitner designed) models it’s pretty tough to find. No parts manual and a very rudimentary owner’s manual. Fortunately, the Rotax engine is very well covered and the WP suspension is almost as well.

So, the obvious thing to do was to join any and all forums with content related to the ATK 604. I was already on a few general motorcycle forums and there was some information there, but once I joined the ATK Motorcycle Yahoo Group and ATK Rider’s Bulletin Board, the flow of information was much improved. Still not like it is for the Japanese brands, but better.

Shortly after I joined the ATK BB, a new-old-stock “desert” tank became available, so I bought that. Then I found a good Dellorto PHBH 38 carburetor, Corbin seat and new-old-stock KTM headlight surround on eBay so cheap I couldn’t resist. I also started buying all of the bits missing from the chassis – axles, swingarm pivot and spacer, handlebars clamps, brake hardware, etc. The list was getting very long…

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