Shocking (and forking) – part 2

I had a little time to spare this evening, so decided to try and make a little progress on the forks. First off was figuring how the damper cartridge comes apart. I thought a pin spanner was needed, so I made one out of 3/16″ steel rod. Turns out it wasn’t needed after all though. Using the pin spanner, I held the black plastic piece of the damper assy. and turned the 22mm top “bolt”. The bolt loosened but wouldn’t unscrew – the damper rod was turning. Used some Channel-Locks and a strip of leather to hold the damper rod and it finally came loose.

Next was removing the bottom plug of the cartridge:

And then the damper rod slides out

Now that it was apart, I measured the damper rod and the inner diameter of the damper tube and set about making the lowering spacers. Figured while I was at it, I’d go ahead and make the one for the rear shock too. About a half hour later, they were done!

It fits onto the damper rod like so

Now all I need to do is clean all the parts thoroughly and reassemble. I may need to buy or make a driver for the lower bushing and seal, “I’ll cross that bridge when I get there”.

The shock spacer looks like this:

And fits onto the damper rod like this:

Still need to disassemble the spare shock so I can take the rebound damper knob from it and I’m still waiting on the seal kit from ADB. Soon I hope, looking forward to getting the suspension wrapped up…

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